Monday, October 27, 2008

This week's rumor mill

The latest entry into the rumor mill is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Speculation has been for the last few days that Ahmadinejad is in poor health after he missed some public events (stop me if this sounds familiar). Ahmadinejad went on Iranian TV yesterday to quash the rumors, saying that he simply caught a cold like any other person. His supporters are accusing the political opposition in Iran of trying to undermine Ahmadinejad's rule by spreading lies about his health.

Ahmadinejad has to stand for re-election in 2009 and might be in for a real fight - he was elected on a platform of sharing Iran's oil wealth with the country’s poorest citizens, but instead inflation has been steadily climbing and oil prices steadily falling, which won't help the inflation problem.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for North Korea's "major announcement" that was suppose to come last Monday. Last time North Korea used the term "major announcement" it was to tell of the death of President for Life Kim Il Song, so speculation has been that his son and successor Kim Jong-Il has gone the same way as his father. But for now, it's only speculation and officials in South Korea say they've seen no unusual activity from their northern neighbor.

Stay tuned...
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