Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WWF says reckless consumption threatens the planet

The human race is burning through the Earth's natural resources, but the World Wildlife Fund has come up with a simple solution - we just need to find a second planet.

That's the result of the WWF's "Living Planet Report" that found that three-quarters of the world's population live in countries that use natural resources at a rate faster than they can be replaced. At that pace, the WWF says we will need an entire second planet just to keep up with demand by the mid-2030's. The United States and China have the largest consumption "footprint" according to the WWF report. Perhaps more disturbing, many of the countries that are currently living within their sustainability footprint are also the world's poorest (like Haiti), which makes you think that if they were to start to develop economically, then their footprints would grow as well.

The WWF refers to resources as "natural capital", and says that reckless consumption will lead to higher energy and food prices around the globe, as resources grow more and more scarce.
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