Monday, January 28, 2008

Two from the lighter side

I came across a couple of interesting stories today. The first is fairly bizarre. A Japanese woman received a reply to a request for a letter she sent out 15 years earlier. I know, so far, fairly dull. Well, she sent the request as a schoolgirl by attaching a note to a balloon. The note was found by a fisherman stuck to a fish he hauled up in a net from 300 meters below.

Odd enough now?

The second isn't entirely unexpected. Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy page has said he wants the band to reunite for a tour this fall. Led Zeppelin played a charity concert in London on December 10th, which received rave reviews. They spent weeks rehearsing for the show, in large part because a reunion performance for the Live Aid concerts in 1986 was so awful the band refused to let it be included in records and tapes sold after the show. All of the rehearsal though led many to believe that the December 10 show would not be a one-time event.

Lead singer Robert Plant has yet to weigh in on the possible tour.
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