Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bravo Dan Abrams

I know this blog is about international affairs, but I have to take a minute to commend MSNBC’s Dan Abrams for his show last night, namely his taking the media to task for their incessant pro-Obama/anti-Clinton coverage of the Democratic primary.

Over the past few weeks the media has not missed an opportunity to bash Hillary or cheerlead for Obama. Case in point (from Abrams) was the media’s coverage of the polls. If you listen to the press it seems like the nomination race is neck-and-neck. But a look at the polls in the large states that will be voting next Tuesday show that, with the exception of Obama’s home state of Illinois, Clinton is ahead, in some cases very far ahead.

And there have been the media’s repeated attempts to paint Hillary (and Bill) Clinton as racists. One oft-repeated gem was Bill “calling Barack’s campaign a fairy tale”, which sounds bad until you bother to listen to his entire quote and realize that he was talking about Obama’s anti-war stance (which is questionable). There is a fine line between reporting the news and making it. Everyone has his or her own point of view. If people in the press support Obama, that’s fine. But they should be honest about it, and not couch their cheerleading (or Hillary-bashing) in the clothing of fair and objective reporting.
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