Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cyber War? Maybe not...

The mystery of last spring’s “cyber war” against Estonia has been solved.

Two weeks of internet attacks shut down the websites of many of Estonia’s largest businesses and government agencies. The attacks came during a time of tense relations with Russia sparked by Estonia’s removal of a monument to Soviet soldiers who had died in Estonia fighting against the Nazis in World War Two.

Moscow was blamed for the attacks, but it turns out they were committed by an Estonian. Dmitri Galushkevich a 20-year old student and ethnic Russian committed the attacks as a protest against the Estonian government’s treatment of the country’s sizeable Russian minority (which is approximately one-quarter of the population). He was fined approximately $1,600 for his actions.

The cyber attacks were quickly blamed last year on hackers operating from the Kremlin in Moscow, and were repeatedly cited as one of the signs of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s anti-Western agenda.
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