Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Men With Hats

With all the serious news coming out of Egypt, a little comic relief is in order, and what better place to find it than North Korea, a country whose ruling regime I contended a few months ago has descended from mere evilness to levels of cartoonish super-villany. Case in point: Korea watchers are suggesting that North Korea's current overlord Dear Leader Kim Jong-il is sending a clear message that his No. #3 son Kim Jong-un has become his anointed successor based on their choice of hats.

It seems that a photo was recently taken with Kim the Younger wearing the exact same floppy fur hat as worn by his father Kim Jong-il, a hat that has become as much of a Dear Leader fashion trademark as his Members Only-style jumpsuits. Of course getting news out of North Korea is such an near impossibility that the mere fact the two are wearing the same hat is indication, observers say, of the desire for continuity in the Kim ruling dynasty... And just to add an extra layer of weirdness, Time magazine reports that a knock-off version of the Kim fur hat is quite popular among North Korea's elites, who apparently are hoping to catch a little of that Kim mystique.
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