Monday, May 17, 2010

Nazis vs. Gay Bar

There are stories from the world press that you just can’t make up. Case in point, this story from Russia Today about a lawsuit filed in Estonia by a Waffen-SS veterans group against the owners of a gay bar next door. The former Nazis claim that “excessive noise” from “X-baar” (the bar in question) is hurting the property values at their legion hall. They won an earlier judgment, which forced the bar to stop playing music by 11pm; but the Nazis say that noise generated by the bar’s patrons is still a nuisance and has caused several tenants who were renting rooms from the veterans to move out, depriving them of a source of income (let’s just ponder for a second, who would even rent a room in a legion hall full of Nazi veterans?). The Nazi vets are seeking approximately $8,000 in compensation from the bar owners.
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