Sunday, January 18, 2009

Putin painting auctioned for more than $1 million

He's been a judo champion, saved a TV news crew from a man-eating tiger, he's tamed Siberian rivers bare-chested and ran a trade mission in East Germany that absolutely, positively was not a front for the KGB, but now Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin can add another title to his already full resume: million-dollar painter.

Putin was among the celebrity artists contributing a work to a charity art auction in his hometown, St. Petersburg. There was one painting in the auction for each letter of the Russian alphabet and the inspiration for all of the works was Nikolai Gogol’s story ‘The Night Before Christmas’. Putin’s painting ‘Patterns’ featured a frost-covered cabin window framed by lace curtains. It fetched a price of 37 million rubles, or one million dollars, far more than any other painting in the auction.

You can see a gallery of all the paintings at the auction's official website here.
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