Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Canadian playlist for Obama

The Canadian Broadcasting Company has come up with a unique gift for President-Elect Obama - an all-Canadian playlist for his iPod.

The CBC has invited its listeners to weigh in on their suggestions for the Obama playlist, asking them to suggest songs that would “best define our country” to the president-elect. After tallying up the votes, the CBC unveil the Obama playlist on Inauguration Day (that's next Tuesday, January 20) and will play the winners on the CBC's Radio 2 station all day Tuesday.

You can check out the top 100 finalists, and cast your own vote here. And being a fan of music from the North myself, I have a few songs that I would add to an Obama taste-of-Canada playlist:
The New Deal, “Going, Going, Gone”
Same name as the program that got the US out of the Great Depression

Cuff the Duke, “Meet You on the Other Side”

The Tragically Hip, “New Orleans is Sinking”
A gentile reminder of one of the past administration’s biggest failures

No. 1, “Radiate”
Cool Canadian hip-hop

The Collapse, “The Geographic Center of Canada”
My favorite song to come out of the north in the past few years

A.C. Newman, “The Town Halo”

Hanson Bros., “Gonna Play Hockey”
C’mon, it’s Canada, you gotta have at least one song about hockey

Bob and Doug McKenzie (w/Geddy Lee), “Take Off! (to the Great White North)
How can a Canadian playlist not include this classic?
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