Monday, December 17, 2007

More on Bali

Today's Guardian (UK) ran a coulmn critical of the climate talks in Bali. "There are still two years to go, but so far the new agreement is even worse than the Kyoto protocol," according to George Monbiot. "It contains no targets and no dates."

Most interesting is the quote Monbiot uses to start his column, which sounds like it could have been written about Bali, yet was written 10 years earlier regarding the Kyoto talks. It illustrates the fact that even before the Bush administration, the United States did not support agressive moves to curb greenhouse gas emissions, a fact Monbiot blames, in large part, on campaign financing of American elections. Candidates know much of their support will come from major corporations who are opposed to emission limits, so when elected - the argument goes - they don't back treaties like Kyoto.
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