Monday, December 3, 2007

China Says No to US Navy

Three times in the past month China has refused to allow US Navy ships to enter the port of Hong Kong.

This article from Bloomberg <> gives an outline on the three events. What’s not mentioned in the article is that the navy minesweepers that were denied entry into the port of Hong Kong were seeking safe harbor from a typhoon. China’s refusal to let them into port put the crews of both ships at risk.

While not allowing ships to visit Hong Kong may be a small issue at this point, it is an indication both of China’s growing power and ambition. Since 2001 much of America’s international focus has been related to the War on Terror, many relationships, like those with China have been left on the back burner. In my opinion, this has been a mistake, and the greatest challenge to America’s place in the world in the 21st century will likely come not from fundamental Islam, but from China.
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