Friday, February 24, 2012

US Politics: Zambian Soccer and Gingrich's Gas Fantasies

I realized that I've been terribly remiss in shamelessly promoting my recent writing on other websites.

You've probably heard Newt Gingrich's claim that if elected president, he'll give everyone $2.00/gal gasoline.  I take on Newt's latest political flight of fancy over at PolicyMic and explain why market dynamics show that Newt's moonbase idea is more likely to happen than his $2.00/gal gasoline promise.

Meanwhile, over at The Mantle we take a look at the unlikely pairing of Zambian soccer and US politics.  Zambia's national team recently won Africa's Cup of Nations continent-wide tournament.  In their piece about the victory, CBS threw in some tidbits about Zambia's government.  Zambia is engaging in a series of social/economic reforms, reforms that are so sensible they don't have a chance of occurring in the United States.  See why over at The Mantle.
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