Tuesday, November 15, 2011

British PM Backs Key Aide

It has all the makings of a juicy political scandal – accusations that a key member of the prime minister's staff is neglecting his duties to cavort with a member of the opposite sex; while the PM issues a statement in support of his aide and their history of service.  This little scenario is actually happening right now in Great Britain.  Of course what makes this story odd is that the aide in question is a cat.

Larry, a four-year old cat rescued from a London animal shelter is the official cat of Prime Minister David Cameron's number 10 Downing Street residence.  Downing Street actually has a long history of having cats-in-residence to deal with any rodents who might happen into the PM's residence.  Larry himself was brought in four months ago after a rat could be seen scurrying in the background during a stand-up shot outside Downing Street during a press briefing Cameron held.  But according to the GlobalPost, after racking up three mouse kills in the early days of his residency, Larry's interest in mousing has fallen off, just as, according to the infamous “unnamed aides” always cited in pieces like these, his interest in a neighboring female tabby has increased.

On Monday a Downing Street spokesperson ruled out returning Larry to the pound saying that “Larry brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people.” 
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