Monday, September 19, 2011

No, That's My Breakfast....

Passengers being detained for having suspicious materials is not an uncommon occurence in this era of heightened airline security. But it becomes newsworthy when the passenger in question is Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and the material in question is his jar of Vegemite.

Rudd was detained briefly on his way to the UN General Assembly meeting via Mexico City when airport screeners found a jar of Vegemite in his carry-on bag. Vegemite is a brown yeast spread that is beloved in Australia and generally reviled in the rest of the world for its "unique" taste. Rudd was allowed to to continue after he explained that they were in fact examining his breakfast and said via Twitter that the "only problem traveling to New York is they tried to confiscate our Vegemite."

Vegemite gained global attention thanks in large part to the song "Down Under" by the 80's Australian band Men at Work, as seen below:

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