Sunday, January 17, 2010

Senegal Makes Unique Aid Offer To Haitians

While offers of aid to quake-ravaged Haiti have been pouring been pouring in from around the world, Senegal’s is unique. There, President Abdoulaye Wade has offered land and “repatriation” to any Haitians who want to return to their ancestral homeland.

A spokesman for Wade said their country was ready to offer Haitians who had lost everything in the quake a parcel of land in Senegal so they could start over, and if enough Haitians took them up on the offer, they could perhaps be granted an entire region. The spokesman went on to stress that this would be good land in a fertile part of Senegal not worthless land out in the desert.

It’s quite a generous offer for sure, though at the moment I’m sure water and medicine would be more useful. We’ll follow this story and see if any Haitians take President Wade up on his offer.
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