Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First-Person Account of Russian Night Club Tragedy

The BBC has published a harrowing first-person account of the disastrous night club fire in Perm.

A businessman identified only as "Sergei" said he narrowly avoided being a victim of the fire at the Lame Horse club because, he admits, he was too drunk to leave the bar he was at to join his friends in heading over to the other bar. Sergei received news of the tragedy on his cellphone and headed over to the club, outside he said he saw "30 to 40 people were lying in the street in front of the club." He would later discover that his three friends all died in the fire.

Sergei says that the fire safety measures were "very bad" and that the local government will just "cover its own back...everyone knows that bribes and corruption take place in Russia so nothing will really change."

According to Russia's RIA Novosti this morning, the death toll from the fire had risen to 125, and is expected to climb further since many victims suffered severe burns. The regional governor for Perm has resigned because of the tragedy.
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