Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's Faster, The Internet or a Pigeon?

Like an old sportscaster in New York use to say, if you took the Internet, you lost!

To protest what they said where chronic transmission delays on South Africa's supposedly broadband network, the tech firm Unlimited IT decided to stage a race - they would attempt to send a 4 gig file between their two offices 60 miles apart via an email, while also sending the same data on a flash memory drive strapped to the leg of Winston the homing pigeon.

Winston covered the 60 miles to Unlimited IT's office in Durban in just over an hour, while the staff took another hour to upload the file from the flash drive. Their broadband connection, meanwhile had only transmitted 4% of the same file. So not only did Winston win, he whipped the Internet (of course the race had its own website and hundreds were said to have followed Winston's progress on race day via Facebook and Twitter).

South Africa's biggest Internet provider, Telkom, said that they couldn't be held responsible for the slow data transmission speeds. South Africans though are hoping a series of new fiber optic cables will boost speed on the Internet. Winston, meanwhile, was said to be basking in his victory
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