Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now That’s A Birthday Present (for Obama)

Barack Obama’s birthday was yesterday, and to commemorate the event, the Prime Minister of the Caribbean island nation of Antigua renamed his country’s tallest mountain in his honor – so now 1,300 foot tall Boggy Peak will be henceforth known as ‘Mount Obama’.

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer unveiled the name change at a ceremony attended by the US’ charge d’affaires for the Eastern Caribbean, Brent Hardt, as well as Antigua’s reigning calypso monarch, Trevor “Zacari” King, who played his rendition of “For You Barack” for the occasion. PM Spencer said that he was inspired to do something “symbolic and inspiring” after seeing Obama elected last November and said that Obama embodied “excellence, triumph, hope and dignity for all people.”

Of course nothing like this ever happens without its critics, in this case Antigua’s opposition Labour Party who called the name change “silly”, others said that it was important to remember the contributions of all people of African descent, not only to honor the first black American President. But on the whole, the move was well-received in Antigua, where Obama is very popular.

PM Spencer also announced plans to create a national park on the newly-christened Mt. Obama.
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