Friday, December 5, 2008

More political wrangling in Canada

Earlier in the week I wrote about the very un-Canadian power struggle developing in their government. Things up there just keep getting more interesting...

To recap - three of the opposition parties in the Canadian Parliament were planning to cast a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Stephen Harper, bringing down his Conservative government elected only weeks ago. But Harper has managed to derail their attempt, for a little while at least. Harper basically shut the parliament down until the end of January (a first for Canada), preventing the opposition from holding their vote.

And the no confidence scheme may be backfiring for the opposition group. A poll taken this week showed that the Conservative Party now has nearly twice the level of support than the Liberals, 45% to 24%, a jump of 10% in support levels for the Conservatives from polls taken just last month.

Harper said he would use the delay in Parliament to put together an economic recovery plan for Canada (the opposition group said they were voting no confidence over Harper's handling of the financial crisis). Canada appears to be joining nations around the world in sliding into recession - figures for October showed 70,000 jobs lost in the manufacturing sector, the highest level since 1982.
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