Monday, February 11, 2008

Israeli town suing Google

The Israel-Palestine land dispute has reached space. Well, the view from space at least.

The town of Kiryat Yam is threatening to sue internet giant Google for slander over claims that their town was built upon the site of an Arab village.

Google’s Google Earth program lets users post comments on the detailed satellite maps provided by the service. Thameen Darby an amateur historian of Palestinian decent inserted a note on the map of Kiryat Yam saying that it was built upon the earlier Arab village Ghawarina. Darby said this was one of the Arab villages destroyed during 1948’s Arab-Israeli war.

Officials from Kiryat Yam insist that when the town was built in 1945 the land was nothing but sand dunes.

Google meanwhile said that it is not responsible for the accuracy of user-generated comments. Darby said he will remove the notation if he is proved wrong.
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